Registro Online world - English Corner
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Registro Online world

How to register in the online world?

Username and password

username: fullname.fullsurnamegrade e.g. laura.marin1

password: englishelpilar

What is my class ID?

First grade

  • 1st A First A: 17372
  • 1st B First B: 17373
  • 1st C First C: 17374

Second grade

  • 2nd A Second A: 17375
  • 2nd B Second B: 17376
  • 2nd C Second C: 17377

Third grade

  • 3rd A Third A:17378
  • 3rd B Third B: 17379
  • 3rd C Thrird C: 17380

Fourth grade

  • 4th A Fourth A:17381
  • 4th B Fourth B: 17382
  • 4th C Fourth C:17383

*Every pupil will get a Passport to write their personal details.

Cada alumno recibirá un Passport para escribir sus datos.